Repton Continuum:

All the free levels ever created by users for Repton

For a near exhaustive set of passwords for every Repton release ever please see here

Since the release of Repton 3 in the mid-1980s many have tried to create levels. others level sets and even completely new games either in the style of Repton 3 variations (e.g. Repton Thru Time) or through Repton Infinity's Repton-format game editor.

The object of this site is to pull together as many of these completable levels as possible. Provided the levels are completable and is not just a commercial level (old or new), it doesn't matter whether there is one, a set or a set of themes like the original Repton 3 sequels.

Also welcome are levels for the Electron version of the game which many people may have never played.

The site is under development and will hopefully become more comprehensive over time. Ideally I'll put the levels onto disc images but at first some may be just files (hopefully with .inf files for load/exec addresses). The load/exec addresses for the game files I believe are 0031E0 and 000000.

Please contact myself (groups163 at gmail dot com) or get in touch with StairwaytoHell or Retrosoftware if you have any levels, games that fit the criteria or any information (including broken links) on anything related to this site!

Credit is due to James Lampard. Michael Foot for !BBCfiles, !DSDUtil and !Beebit and Mike Borcherd for 6502em for the emulation software used in testing and processing the levels. Thanks also to all the contributors.

Thanks also to Drobe and Chris Williams for free webspace. Drobe has an online BBC emulator and being a RISC OS site often is the first site (probably anywhere) to report new developments for Acorn emulation from software, websites, BBC online articles, television programs to reunions of Acorn staff.


Michael Foot's levels

One of 40 screens from Michael Foot

5 sets of levels that look very well designed. Also included in the zip are the passwords and the .inf files (not needed for certain emulators). Most use the original Repton 3 graphics.

As some users have difficulty handling BBC files without load/exec addresses they're also included as a SSD.

Please note: some of these levels cannot be completed: "Michael S.Repton" has created a guide to these here.

8-bit Software

These levels were found on 8BS. Some seem very amateurish and one has a phallus as Repton so be warned. However there are 10 set of levels by Adrian Jackson which are far more polished and well worth a look. There are

 12 "PD" sets of 8 by unknown author(s)

 5 sets of 8 by Adrian Jackson

Also is a text file of passwords which should be *Typed

As some users have difficulty handling BBC files without load/exec addresses they're also included as two SSD's:



Interestingly the second set of PD levels (called 'Blog' believe it or not) seems to spell out in passwords "UIM IS RUBBISH" which goes to show the level of feeling over UIM at the time. This even made its way into Micro User. No doubt with internet access at the time (late '80s or early 90s or whenever the levels were made) this argument would have been a major one. It does see

m a bit ungrateful though given the author of UIM was apparently the same as that of Repton 3.

Please note: due to subtle incompatibilities between the original Repton 3 game engine and a subequent version for the official extra levels, some user levels may not work if the intended game engine is not used. Michael S.Repton has started to go through the 8-bit Softwarelevels checking which engine is required where relevant. Again see his webpage.

Colin McDougall

Two sets of very nice looking levels apparently converted from Electron Repton levels.

Stuart G's work

An impressive piece of work by Stuart Goldswater who converted all the original Repton 3 games (all 4 commercial releases) into using the original Repton 3 Prelude graphics.

In Stuart's collection are a large number of new level sets for Repton 3, some look quite interesting. The author(s) are unknown. I've categorised the levels into the various themed releases and new levels. Some sets of levels appear to be only slight variations and are included nevertheless. Apologies in advance if there are duplications or if through being less familiar with the Repton 3 releases than seasoned players I have classified levels as new when they are merely redefinitions of Repton 3 levels.

Also here is the original set of files Stuart sent me for completeness. Finally, here are some notes I made when attempting to catalogue the large number of files.

Repton Thru Time

The Life of Repton

Around the World in 40 screens







Dave Jeffery's levels

Farmdat: Dave J's personal favourite and based on the farm he lived at


These are a set of levels written at some point by Dave Jeffery and kindly transferred by Peter "Samwise" from Retrosoftware. Some seem to have without a doubt commercial quality graphics. Perhaps a future release? Along with the rest of this page, I'll hopefully put some more screenshots up in due course. Dave says:

"All the levels were done between 1986 and 1991. There is a level called "TIMOTHY" on the set "SET1" which is the first level I ever designed for Repton 3 back on Christmas day 1986."

Among the highlights (as taken from the text file below):

 London: complete redesign, very impressive

 Rovers: up North-themed - complete redesign

 Mad: Extraordinary - draws on both Repton 2 and 3. There's meteors from the former and two of the monsters from Repton 3's initial release. Except there's a catch - the monsters have a hierachy and the classic monster is eaten by the new Repton 3 monster. Also, the new monster doesn't eat you unless you 'attack' it!

 Narky: looks quite an interesting new game with interesting graphics, features and effects including a monster you can't outrun.

 Rep3: massive Repton 3 style level involving huge numbers of rocks (you thought filling a Repton 3 editor screen with rocks was impressive?)

The levels have been divided into original Repton 3 levels and two discs of Repton Infinity designed levels (which obviously can include Repton 3-style levels):




Here is the original archive provided by Peter from Dave J and here are some notes I've made on the files contained within. Obviously, some of the files aren't levels (I'm not aware of the Repton Infinity game creation structures at the time of writing) but they're here for completion.

Mystery author

THCats: from the DaveM set

DaveM from StairwaytoHell has offered these levels that were passed to him he says around 2001-2002 from somebody in Lancashire. If that person wants to take credit, please get in touch.

There are around two dozen sets of levels with various themes, often quite well drawn if the levels are relatively straightforward in design.

Jonathan Marten writes (Nov.08):

"Although my old BBC has not been switched on in ages (although it is still up

in the attic), fortunately I can still play the game on the KDE desktop using

KRepton (, to which I've made a number of

improvements from the original version. "

Jonathan has also written a BBC importer for his unique version of Repton as can be seen on his website.

"Regarding your "Mystery Author" levels, I can't shed any light on all of the

two dozen levels that you say are in this collection, but I do recognise

the "THCats" screen shot. It's from from a "Thundercats" file - not sure if

these were new levels or just new graphics - which was included in Solinet (a

disc-based magazine for users of BBC Solidisk products) in September 1988.

There was also a "Footers" file in the same issue, again not sure if these

were new levels or just new graphics. The contributor was Pete Bready from

Glasgow, he says that they were both designed by him."

This fits with DaveM's estimate of the levels been created in the late '80s. He refers to the sender as "Arthur" - whether that's a pseudonym is unclear. I was only vaguely familiar with Solidisk and don't recall the disc magazine however. There seem to be about 12 sets of discs plus extra software including PD available on Wouter's website however for anybody interested:

Please note: this collection contains a set of levels that is definitely not suitable for families. Again called "Rude" and again full of phalluses.



Notes on these levels to follow.


Repton 4: not to be mistaken with Repton 4 (Archimedes)

Darren Salt / Andrew Clover

These are some additional levels I was notified of recently on an archive of Alex Card's (see below) webpage.


Description and instructions to follow

Please note this contains, alongside the level, a RISC OS spritefile of game sprites to accompany the HTML help file although the graphics don't seem to work with the HTML page.

The files are stamped with a 1995 date so the levels were presumably created at some point between 1988 and 1995. One of the level maps in the Rep19 collection below indicates at least one of the levels was created in 1989.

ZIP archive

Disc image

19 levels by Darren Salt

A set of levels which also appears to include Wotsit. Here they are with descriptions:

 Bobbo

A Robbo variant with huge numbers of alternative robots. Only 1 level however.

 Fruit

Very well designed level but only one unfortunately.

 Futball

First of two sets of football-themed levels.

 Garden

Garden-themed levels with map shown above; decent graphics.

 Miner

Repton as the miner instead of just being down the mine.

 Rep5

Repton3 style with new graphics and objects and dozens of spirits.

 Rep53

Repton3 variant with sparkling graphics.

 Repball

Second set of football-themed levels.

 Repbone

Bonecruncher-style graphics but only one level; also see the Dave Jeffrey Repton Infinity levels above for a complete Bonecruncher implementation.

 Repover

A rare attempt at changing the Repton format into an overhead ("top-down") view like Ravenskull et al.

 Reppush

Apparently, levels where pushing objects is the emphasis.

 Repr

Seems to be a variant of Repton3 Take2 with different colours and graphic designs.

 Retrap2

Two levels with many moving and varied objects.

 Repwer

Weird level with weather symbols for objects.

 Rpac

Large-size Pacman game, that is quite difficult. Very well done, also notice the smirking ghost. For the Electron Repton Infinity version, see the Headfirst PD disc above (a standalone, hacked version of the game) which also works on the BBC Micro. For comparison here's a screenshot:

The levels don't seem to be completable however on this version.

 Trak

Looks like a variant of Trakker from the original Repton Infinity package.

 Wiz

 Wotsit

Interesting graphics and object behaviours, 4 levels.

ZIP archive

Disc image

Headfirst PD

A set of six games by Gareth Boden of Headfirst PD for Repton Infinity written by the two Daves (Acton and Lawrence) who would later appear in *Info within the pages of Acorn User, as I recall. These are apparently compatible with Electron Repton Infinity although I've only tested them on BBC emulation of Electron Repton Infinity. Also, Repton Infinity Electron version seems to be compatibile with the BBC Micro. However, the individual Electron Repton Infinity game files from EUG disc 21 won't work with BBC Micro Repton Infinity (the former being 5K and the latter requiring 9K game files).

Dave J

Here are the Repton Infinity levels again from Dave J:




Nectar by Alex Card

This was apparently submited by Alex Card in 1993 to BBC PD and is found on BBC PD170 now located on the 8BS archive. Seems like a nice original game with well-drawn and animated graphics.

Martin Bazley's levels

Martin Bazley

These are a set of Repton3 - Take 2-style games designed using Repton Infinity. Martin kindly digged up the old 5.25" disc he said he'd created the games on "at a tender age". They seem quite well designed and certainly worth a look particularly if you're a fan of Repton 3. Thanks also to Peter E. for transferring the old BBC format to disc image.

Also included are text0 definitions, altered sprites and object code although it's unclear whether these were used in the final game or whether the Repton 3 files from the game were just used with the new levels.


Money: thanks to Tom Walker for the screenshot

Money: This is found on Headfirst PD disc 4. As far as can be determined, nothing is mentioned about this set of levels on the disc so it can only be attributed to Gareth Boden and James Treadwell of Headfirst at present. NB This crashes the BBC version of Repton 3 if loaded.

Electron Repton Infinity loader

Here are the Headfirst PD Electron Repton Infinity levels again.